The Real-time Data Integration experts

Mission Statement

Data Integration should be as simple as connecting a power plug to a socket.

simple things are simple, complex tasks are possible

I help companies in all aspects, from developing a data driven architecture to troubleshooting a specific problem. My key areas are Big Data and SAP related data topics.

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How we work

With Apache Kafka is it finally possible to use a single technology for Data Integration, System Integration and Process Integration. Based on that an architecture and Open Source software is available – see for the source code.

Design Thinking story found here.


With some products we have deeper experience than anybody else – because we were part of the product development team. Need to get things done quickly? We can help.

The SAP product jungle

At SAP there are so many products in the data integration area for the different use cases. I can help to pick the solution with the best cost/benefit ratio saving you >100k USD.