Business Rules Service

The Business Rules Service…

  • consumes data from Apache Kafka topics
  • applies a set of customer defined rules
  • augments the record with the rules results
  • and puts it into another, a cleansed, Kafka topic.

This data can then be put into a database or a Data Lake to work on cleansed data and to analyze which rules were applied and their results.

In a simple end-to-end scenario the data is entered via various ways into the source system, e.g. a SAP S/4Hana system and the corresponding producer puts the changes into the Kafka topic “SALES” immediately.
The Rules Service is configure to take all change messages from the topic “SALES”, apply the rules on the data and put the augmented records into the topic “SALES_CLEANSED”. 
From there a database consumer puts all cleansed data together with rule results into a database for visualizing the results.

Installation and technical details:

S/4Hana Connector

The S/4 Connector is a simple way of getting S/4Hana table data 1:1 into Apache Kafka. Once the data is available in Kafka, any services or data consumers can use the data in the frequency they need. A Data Warehouse might consume the data just once a day, other consumers within milliseconds.


Internally this connector does use the same techniques as SAP SLT does, but in a slightly optimized manner, tailor made for S/4Hana. Therefore it does not suffer from the side effects of SLT and has less impact on the source system.

File Connector

With the RTDI File Connector the format of a CSV file is defined in a data driven UI and all files matching a pattern will be uploaded as parsed object and renamed to *.processed after.



  1. Connection: The Connection specifies the root directory where all files are located.
  2. Producer: One Producer is responsible for one file type, e.g. all files to be parsed with the schema “address”. Producer also defines the target topic and the scan frequency.
  3. Schema Definition: In the Connection -> Schema -> Manage File Schemas the settings are defined.